"Profile": {
        "Name": "Miguel Montalvão de Santos e Silva Frazão",
        "Birth Date": "06-11-1985",
        "Nationality": "Portuguese",
        "Languages": "Portuguese | English",
        "Email": "me@migueldvl.com",
        "Linkedin": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-frazão-01974274",
        "Stack Overflow PT": "http://pt.stackoverflow.com/users/5749/miguel",
        "GitHub": "https://github.com/Miguel-Frazao",
        "Other Interests": "Activily contributes to the Stackoverflow Portuguese community. Worked as a volunteer at Liga Portuguesa dos Deficientes doing accounting and appointment scheduling in Alto da Ajuda. Competed as a swimmer at National Paralympic swimming team. Drivers license for light vehicle (type B). Practices activities, such as swimming and gym, on a daily basis."
    "Timeline": {
        "Apr 2017": "MTA: Security Fundamentals Certified",
        "Nov 2016": "Started Taking a course of Cyber Security",
        "Dec 2013": "Working as programmer in a marketing, communication and publicity company, Lisa Portugal (cms, several websites, back and front-end, RESTful web services, management platform for internal human resources, materials, accounting and services provided",
        "Aug 2013": "Started freelancing (several websites, campaign management software, simulation software for insurance companies, web crawlers, RESTful apis, data gathering + data processing).",
        "Sep 2012 - Jul 2013": "Course of Web Design/Developer at ETIC (School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation).",
        "Jun 2012 - Nov 2012": "Worked at a petrol station (Repsol).",
        "Sep 2011 - May 2012": "Did a course of athletic activities and swimming at the CEFAD.",
        "Sep 2008 - Jul 2011": "Eletronic and Computers Engineering at Instituto Politécnico de Setubal (not finished).",
        "Sep 2004 - Jul 2017": "High School."
    "Professional Skills": {
        "Python": "Advanced",
        "PHP": "Advanced",
        "Javascript": "Advanced",
        "Javascript (jQuery)": "Advanced",
        "Javascript (Vuejs)": "High",
        "Laravel": "Advanced",
        "SQL": "Intermediate/High",
        "Node.js": "Intermediate",
        "Shell Scripting": "Intermediate",
        "Django": "Begginner/Intermediate"
    "Other Skills": [
        "HTTP Protocol, headers analisis (requests, and responses) and methods.",
        "Restful Apis, developed mainly in PHP and Python.",
        "Database architecture, criation of tables and respective relationships, always aiming for the best performance possible.",
        "HTML, JSON, CSS, XML",
        "TCP / IP",
        "MVC pattern: Laravel, Django (MVT).",
        "Data Science using mostly Python (Pandas) Intermediate/High",
        "Sockets programming. (Python / Node.js / PHP)",
        "OOP (Object-oriented Programming).",
        "Advanced use of the requests library, urlib and Selenium (Python) to launch HTTP requests, automating data gathering from the web.",
        "Intermediate notions of security knowledge about the web servers attacks and its respective solutions/prevention.",
        "Python scripts for processes automatization, web crawlers, parallel programming (threading, multiprocessing), servers, GUI (graphic user interface) software.",
        "MacOS/Windows/Linux (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Kali Linux)."
    "A few projects browser based that I have done": {
        "Kung Fu Alves": "http://kungfualves.lisaportugal.pt",
        "Big Data": "http://www.big-data-example.migueldvl.com",
        "Vuejs&Material Demo": "https://miguel-frazao.github.io/vuejs-material-demo/#/",
        "Web Crawler + Geocoding + Google API + Data display/storage": "http://migueldvl.com/ines/distributors/",
        "Cascais Routes": "http://www.cascaisroutes.pt",
        "Upto Aviation": "http://www.uptoaviation.com/",
        "Jungjin": "http://jungjin.pt"